Crystal Sky mission/connection/map problem

Hi, I’m trying to use DroneDeploy-2.0.54 on CrystalSky (New versions stuck right before login screen) together with:

  • Google Play servies version 11.7.44 (230-173432861)
  • Google Play Store version 8.3.75.U-all [0] [FP] 173942022
  • Play Services Info version 0.7

I have the following problems:

  1. The app refuses to make a mission available online.
  2. App can not connect to Phantom 4 Advanced.
  3. App does not show map

Any ideas?

Unfortunately Crystal Sky displays are not compatible and it’s not likely they will be. It’s a proprietary Android that hasn’t been rooted. Normally you have to sideload it. Did you? I haven’t seen anyone who sideloaded the app on any of the Crystal Sky remotes or “+” models be able to successfully start a mission.

  1. There are a couple of ways of how to load and install apps on Crystal Sky.
  2. Crystal Sky has Android 5, so a lot of apps will still work there. I was able to make google maps work on it.
  3. I’ve called a drone shop and they claimed that Drone Deploy should work on Crystal Sky.
  4. Drone Deploy needs Google play store, Google play services, and Play services info installed. So, it is needed to have compatible versions of 4 apps to make it work. It would be great if someone could specify the versions which work together.
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If you can figure it out you will help allot of people. Unfortunately like I said earlier I have kept up with this and I have not seen one person be able to sideload all the necessary apps and be able to fly a mission with either DroneDeploy or Pix4D. Last time I checked in was several months ago so someone might have figured it out by now. Just because you might be able to connect to the drone doesn’t mean it will fly within the app or be able to even start a mission. More important being are you really going to feel comfortable with an automated mission on a hack? You better be in a big field.

  1. I was successful installing Pix4D on Crystal Sky and it connected to drone and performed flights as it supposed to. The issue with Pix4D are:
  • The android app has poor advanced settings (Example: can’t edit side and front overlap separately).
  • Pix4D on iOS glitches and returns to home point when battery is about 40% full, which is annoying - makes each flight way longer + battery goes flat quicker.
  1. The Drone shop employee could be wrong about Drone Deploy, but it would be great if there was a solution.

  2. There are hundreds of combinations of app versions + it is possible that all combinations do not work. So, I can not afford to spend a lot of time figuring it out by try and error method.

So, is there a chance that someone can help me?

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Man, I know that sucks. I think unfortunately you are easiest way out of this to get a standard controller and use a regular mobile device for now. Never hurts to have a backup…

I’ve installed Drone Harmony app on Crystal Sky and it works perfectly :slight_smile:

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Drone Harmony uses joystick waypoints like Dronelink so it’s an entirely different method of communicating with the drone.