DJI crystalsky

Does anyone know how to install Drone Deploy on the DJI Crystalsky? i just got one this week and trying to figure it all out?

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@joeyb106 Third party apps do not work with the Crystalsky gear. There is no supported way to install DroneDeploy with Crystalsky.

Hey guys, anyone testing Drone Depoly on the Crystal Sky yet? Any results?

DroneDeploy doesn’t yet work on the Crystal Sky because it does not come installed with google play or google play services.

Hey Chase! Thanks for responding. Check out this video for the crystalsky google play workaround…

I haven’t tried it out yet because we only have one drone and I can’t use it for testing.
Still like to see if anyone has this working. Thanks!

I have played around with ways to get google play services installed. It’s pretty hacky so we haven’t suggested this as a solution yet.

Are there any plans to make DD compatible with Crystalsky?

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never thought about this, now you have asked this and now i’m wondering the same. would appreciate some answers.

Hi @Roger_Neeb and @Pudel1986,

At this time we do not have any plans to support DJI CrystalSky at this time as they currently do not support the Google Play Services SDK.


Thanks for the reply Christina. Just seems like a big missed opportunity on both DJI and DD’s part. I cancelled my order on a new CrystalSky when I found out that DD was not an app included in the 20 apps allowed. So both DJI lost money from me and DD lost money as I was just about to open an account and now I won’t unless it becomes available on CS. I’m sure I’m not the only drone pilot waiting to pull the trigger on both a Crystalsky monitor and Drone Deploy membership until this is fixed.

Hi @Roger_Neeb,

Sorry to hear this but we can’t support hardware where we can’t guarantee an ideal experience on for our users. Maybe things will change down the line but we don’t have any other news or updates to share at this time.


Thanks Christina. I just think it would be worth DD’s time to sit down with DJI and develop an app specifically for the Crystalsky. The performance of the CS in bright conditions blows any tablet or phone away. Especially when dealing with detailed mapping I would think DD would want it’s app to be available on the best platform as well.

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Just registered here to say that we have demand on this issue too! Pix4D works perfectly now on DJI Crystal Sky via APKPure. Unfortunately DD requires google play services, hence DD does not work. Please try to consider this, that’d be really fantastic!

Hi @geoeki,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum to share your request. We don’t have any plans to add support for Crystal Sky at the moment but if that changes, it will be added on our Supported Drones page.


I just registered to this forum to specifically state that it sounds like you folks are acting a little hard headed when it comes to supporting the CrystalSky. Why can’t you be like Litchi and offer it thru the Amazon App store? You folks are missing out on a big opportunity. I really don’t get your attitude.

Hi @Matthewstorm,

First off, welcome to our community. Secondly, we support what we can, which means that the SDK needs to fully support our software. In this case, CrystalSky currently does not support the Google Play Store SDK so users would not have an experience that meets our standards.

We do not support the Amazon App store at the moment, nor do we have plans to. DroneDeploy is heavily reliant on what DJI offers, and not everything is under our control, unfortunately.


Thanks for replying. It can’t be easy having to respond to a bunch of irate folks. Hopefully in the near future can be done. If you need a Beta tester…:_):grin:

I will definitely keep you in mind, @Matthewstorm! :wink:

At least I can capture data through the pix 4D app…
Shame I can’t use a native DD app🤨.

I fly drones commercially and have Litchi and Pix4D running on the Crystalsky and P4P+.

DD is installed but wont run because it requires GMS (Google Mobile Service), it seems to me that the principal reason DD requires GMS is because DD use Google map products. If DD would produce the android version using OpenMap or MapBox then GMS wouldn’t be required. I think it’s a cop out it’s a cop out to say you can’t guarantee a quality product without adopting GMS services. Your competitors seems to manage just fine. (just sayin)