Creating a contour line diagram

I have tried a number of different ways to create contour line diagrams to no avail. I understand my best bet is to use DD then upload it to QGIS? Can I have a step by step from the time DD finishes processing my map to the export to QGIS and what to do with the data within QGIS?

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Hi @tfauley

Yep, you can create the contour exports on the Business plan and up - once you’ve got the export, please see here for instructions to import for QGIS

QGIS will create contours but it won’t attach height to contours. Is this a mistake on my end and QGIS is capable of attaching heights to contours or is it not able to do it?

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I’m pretty sure you have to choose to go to Properties by right clicking on the shapefile then Labels then choose to select from the layer Elevation-

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thats worked for me in the past- you can do the text edits from this panel as well.

I don’t need text, I need the linework to be in 3D, and attach the height values to the z coordinate of the point/line

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Link an example of the type of output you’re looking for.

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Can anyone help me to:

  1. first extraxc the Values from either a SHP file or DXF File.
  2. I have been able to place the two layers into QGIS. The two layers being the GeoTiff, and the SHP. Contour File, as you can see by the image.

After playing around I found out how to place the values on to the image, but I’m still not able to see the right values.

Can anyone help. Please !

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I’ve had good luck converting a DSM to contours in QGIS.

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What is your base data? DXF, DEM, SHP?

Apologies if I missed the mention.

I have been able to extract the DXF and SHP from Drone Deploy.
Once Done, I input it into the QGIS software. I just can not figure out how to get the actual values to replace the “0”'s in the image above.

Thank you Dave for that except, but I was able to get that far. I am missing the last step with the actual values.

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Thank you Dave, but It is missing the last step that I need which is putting the values on the contour lines.

Can you help with that ?

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I assume you are turning on the Z attribute when you are importing?

To be honest Michael, no I have not.

I will look into turning on the Z attribute, but if you can help me by sending me some information on how to do that, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you for your time.

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On the contour layer you created, right click and select properties. Then select labels from the list.


Obviously he got the labels, but he needs help getting the Z-value to be imported and reported. I do it through Grass then to QGIS desktop, but the new version is supposed to be a direct import after creating a GeoPackage. I would rather show how to do it that way as Grass is not user friendly. I’ll try to put something together soon.

My suggestion was using a DEM (raster data) and z values are obviously included. I have not tried importing any vector type files. His response seemed to indicate he followed the directions I linked but then didn’t see any labels, thus my response. All in the Desktop version, no command line.

DXF’s from DroneDeploy have elevations so no need to recreate them. The new process requires no command line.

Should be straight forward then. Maybe show him a screenshot of the dialog box in QGIS to get proper z data?

Thanks Dave, that’s what we’re working on.