Get the Contour Line height for the Contour DXF export from the drone deploy

When I exported an elevation type Contour (DXF) file and viewed it in a DXF viewer it has these contour lines but no height on each line. What I need is to have the height on each contour line.
Like the below image (Sample image)

How can I achieve this? Is it directly possible in the drone deploy export option or I need to use any other software to achieve that? Please help!

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@Adam_Carp or @AlexHennessey, might be able to help us with that answer.

Waiting! @Adam_Carp @AlexHennessey

Welcome! You can import into and do this in QGIS. What other software will you be using the DXF in? What is your end goal?

Hi Michael,

My end goal is to have a first layer of the orthomosaic TIFF layer and on that have the contour lines with the height / altitude of each contour line

Please guide to do that using QGIS or any other software.

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How can we do this contour mapping when we export the DXF file from Drone deploy?
Can you guide us on how to on QGIS? or any article/ help page from QGIS?

@MichaelL is spot on! QGIS can do this - and recommended for what you are looking to do @pankajrathi95

This doc is a good starting point for the workflow in QGIS:

You are able to bring in the GeoTIFF, then the DXF and display the contours. Here is our doc about importing GeoTIFFs to QGIS:

Let us know how it goes!


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Thanks @AlexHennessey, this is a good start. I will look up the routine to add the contour labels and get something posted as soon as I can.

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Thanks you guys. Thank you so much. I was able to add the tiff and contour and it looks the way I wanted.

I just need those contour labels which shows heights on each contour line.
Thanks in advance.

The Contour DXF which we get from the Drone deploy export. Does it have the contour altitudes, because I tried to see in the attributes table and found there is nothing related to height. Please help guys, It’s urgent!

@ram_raj @MichaelL @GregO @AlexHennessey

It may have something to do with the way that the DroneDeploy DXFs are written. I have no problem seeing them in 3D in CAD, but I also do not see an attribute for elevation. I am going to try opening a DXF created in CAD to see if there is any difference. I tried four different important functions and none of them had it so I think it’s going to be a more in-depth import than just a simple script, but we’ll figure something out. I am by no means a QGIS expert so I’m going to call into a City GIS professional to see if he can lay it out for us.

@pankajrathi95, I forgot to recommend that if you are in a bind and want to get one done quickly before we figure this out that you are welcome to PM me a download link and I will add them for you in CAD. It will just take a couple of seconds.

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Thanks @MichaelL, You are so helpful. I just got the contour lines added. it is present in the SHP Contour file in which we get. there is an attribute called elevation in the attribute table.

I have one more question currently the contour lines have a precision if .001 that means 89.987 I want it to just be integers like 89, 90 , etc. Can we do this in QGIS for this existing contour. Thanks in Advance.

Yes you can. Your next task would be to learn how to make a surface from that data set you already have and then re contour on the intervals that you want. There is also a plug-in called Las tools that can do the same kind of work from the point cloud. This would be more accurate than contours as they are interpretations of the point cloud and your new contour line should be better.

Hi @MichaelL,

I have done a project where in we have got a 1.9GB of TIFF file and when I try to open that in the QGIS, I see the plain white window. I don’t see the Orthosomasic TIFF. Is it because of Size or any other issue?