Interested in Elevation / Contours


I am interested in using my drone to create contours / elevation data - does anyone know of any good dronedeploy webinars that might be of use to me?

Also do you guys have any webinars on control points?


Hi @CoolHandLuke,

We sure do! I suggest starting off with the following:

  1. DroneDeploy Self-Serve GCPs Overview
  2. Streamline Your Workflow with Self-Serve Ground Control Points
  3. Elevation Toolbox
  4. Contours

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


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Hello CoolHandLuke,

The challenge with contour lines is always that you need them at ground level while drone data actually produce elevations at surface level (with trees, buildings, shrubs, cars, … ) included.

So to make good contour lines is much more then a click at a button. Try to combine your DroneDeploy outputs with Virtual Surveyor. Here is an article that describes on how to get the DD data in Virtual Surveyor:

Here is a movie about contouring in Virtual Surveyor:

Good luck & take care

DXF contours of the DSM can be exported, but there is a DTM app in the market. We use the point cloud and a professional point cloud editing software that is integrated with all our our engineering and surveying software.