Correct settings for using Sentera Precision NDVI Single Sensor

I’m using Sentera’s Precision NDVI Single Sensor on a P4 Pro. When I process the photos in DroneDeploy, I notice there is the option for several filter types, which include RGB (I know this isn’t the one I want), NRG, NGB, RGN, NB, and NG. Which filter type is the correct one to use with the Sentera sensor?

Hi @SAE,

The one you’ll want to use is the RGN filter. I also suggest taking a look at Sentera Cameras to see what we support too.


Thanks Christina. My camera is one that is supported.

On a double 4k, do I rename the files in the NIR folder and upload them with the RGB photos and then use the RGN filter or do I just use the NIR folder only? I have been uploading them both (with the name change) but I don’t think that is right. I have scoured the web of both companies sites and cannot find the answer.

Also looking for the proper workflow for integrating imagery from the Sentera double 4K sensor. I have a folder labeled “snapshots” with NDVI and NDRE subfolders containing a fraction of the imagers captured by the RGB camera. Missing something important and likely obvious.

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I have this sorted now. Thanks