RGB and Sentera NDVI Maps

I have the Sentera High Precision NDVI single sensor on a P4 Pro. I’ve created four maps using the RGB camera. Stitched ortho maps are excellent quality. I’d like to use my NIR photos to create the NDVI maps. My question is, after my map is processed and I save the stitched ortho photo, can I add the NIR photos in the same map and delete the RGB photos and re-process the map to give me a NDVI image from the NIR photos or do I need to do a new map? If I’m able to re-process them in the same map, does that count as the same map or a new one? I only ask because I’m still on the trial of the pro plan, and trying to carefully manage the 10 maps that are allowed in the trial version.

Hi @SAE,

It’s great to hear that you are using the Sentera sensors to create your plant health maps. As the RGB and the Sentera imagery is different, I would recommend creating different maps. To do so, please use the “Upload images” option that is located in the blue + sign at the bottom of your dashboard. I also recommend uploading just one dataset of images and see how that works. From there, if it works well, then you could upload the rest of the set of images.

I hope this resolves your questions. Have a wonderful day!