Sentera or Sequoia for NDVI


For a project we are going to use a Phantom 4 with a NDVI sensor (we will handle how to attach it).

My question is regarding what sensor to use, Sequoia or one of the Sentera sensors. I tried looking for a comparison, advantages or disadvantages of one vs the other but couldn’t find any information.

We are going to use Pix4D for the data proccessing.

Any help would be useful,

Thanks in advance to anyone with knowledge in the topic

Edit: NDVI won’t be the only thing we are going to do with the sensor; we will try to gather the most amount of spatial information possible

Hi Jorge,

Have you tried contacting Aerial Media Pros or UAV Direct to find out what they’re using? That would be my suggestion:

Hi Kara im looking to understad how the sentera sensor works? do you have one too?

Hi, unfortunately I do not have a sentera sensor. I would start here?

JRuiz and Bruno,

Thanks for your interest. Sentera offers a modification kit specifically tailored to the Phantom 4 series of products to provide NDVI data in parallel with the RGB data collected with the DJI Phantoms gimbaled camera. This kit can be easily integrated to your Phantom 4 and provide true NDVI data in a few minutes. Integrated systems can also be purchased directly from our shop. The NDVI camera triggers itself based on some desired user settings to capture the data you need.

The NIR data from the camera can then be processed by Pix4D through the workflows you may already be familiar with. The RGB data can be stitched by both Pix4D and Drone Deploy as you desire. You can purchase a modification kit from our store here:

We believe this is easiest installation and most cost effective approach to collect NDVI data for Phantom products on the market today.

The Sentera Single Sensor captures only NIR data whereas the Sequoia offering is a multi-spectral sensor with specifically tuned bands. Sentera also provides a multi-spectral sensor that provides custom filtering applications that correspond to users typical needs. However, in our experience it can be a bit harder to integrate multi-spectral sensors to the current Phantom lineup given the larger size of those sensors. We provide turn-key solutions using other more accessible DJI products to utilize our multi-spectral sensors. We also like to work with customers to better understand exactly what they are looking for in a multi-spectral sensor and ensure their expectations are being met.

Simply put, if you are looking for NDVI data, use a Phantom with the Sentera single mod kit for the best results.

Nearly all DJI platforms can be flown using Sentera’s AgVault Mobile application which is specifically tailored to NDVI data collection. You can also utilize Drone Deploy and Pix4D’s Capture mobile applications if you prefer.

Feel free to contact Sentera directly to discuss the modification kits mentioned above as well as the additional benefits and trade-offs of using a multi-spectral camera for NDVI data collection.


I have a Sequoia and must say I am not impressed at all with the RGB sensor…otherwise it is a fine unit. Parrot support has been fantastic as well.

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Hi all

I will get Sentera Double 4K and use it with DroneDeploy.

Is Double 4K “NDVI + NDRE Senser” supported?
I have understood Double 4K Ag sensor is supported because it is listed in Support document.


Hi @Harakiri,

We try and keep our Supported Drones page as up to date as possible, so if you do not see any hardware listed there then it is likely that we do not officially support it.