NDVI Mapping

I currently have a DJI Phantom 3 Professional equipped with the stock RGB camera. I want to be able to use my drone with DroneDeploy to create true NDVI maps. I know with my RGB camera I would have to use the VARI algarithm. What do you use to create true NDVI maps with DroneDeploy with your DJI Phantom?

What drone would you recommend from DJI to create NDVI maps. I would prefer to stay with DJI and I didn’t know if I would need a better drone from them equipped with a special camera.

Hi Keth,

Please talk a look at this post as it explains what is needed and has links to other helpful resources: https://blog.dronedeploy.com/identifying-crop-variability-whats-the-difference-between-ndvi-false-ndvi-and-vari-plant-health-98c380381a33

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I have read over that article multiple times and that is my reason for posting this disscussion so that I can figure out if my drone is capable of capturing useable data for plant health maps. Also if I wanted to make true NDVI maps I wanted to know what DJI drone I should be looking at getting and with what camera.

Ok, got it.

This doc tells you what you can capture, what you’ll need:

And this one will tell you which DJI drones are compatible with NIR cameras:

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If you want true NDVI, you’ll need a multi spectral sensor. Sensors like Slantrange and the Parrot Sequoia come to mind. Some of the smaller sensors you can fly under a Phantom 4. We fly a Matrice 100 with a dual battery set up and use Slantrange.


The reason why I made this discussion was so I can ask what everyone else is doing that is similar to what I am doing. I have read both of those articles many times before also. What I want to know is how to capture true NDVI data with my drone. What camera would I need in order to do that. Would I need a better drone from DJI? If so which one and with which camera?

Ok thanks for the advice

Do you use DroneDeploy with your sensor and if so do you have any NDVI maps that you would be willing to share? Also, does that sensor capture true NDVI data?

Here at Sentera we offer TrueNDVI sensors for whole host of DJI products including the DJI Phantom 3. Please find the information on our site linked below. This is the most cost effective approach for obtaining TrueNDVI in the industry today.

The Sentera Single Sensor is a true NIR sensor which we believe is the easiest way to capture NDVI data at the field edge while also gathering RGB data in one flight. Sentera also provides fully integrated platforms as well as a mobile app specifically tailored for NDVI data collection using the Sentera sensor. NDVI data can then be processed in Sentera’s AgVault desktop application and uploaded for stitching through Drone Deploy. RGB data can be processed as normal through Drone Deploy as well. Feel free to contact Sentera directly if you have any questions.