DJI Phantom 4 thermal combination for agricultural mapping

Hello, I currently have the DJI Phantom 4 and am looking to move into the agricultural side of mapping using drone deploy. I want to start working with farmers and their general crops but I would like to focus on peach orchards and vineyards as my primary source of work due to the abundance in this area. What are my options for thermal imaging using the base model phantom 4? I have seen some conversions that replace the existing camera and some that attach a secondary thermal camera like the FLIR. Can anybody give testimony to one way over another? Can you be succesful without thermal and solely relying on NDVI? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi @barkleyandson,

Currently, we are exploring the thermal mapping capabilities with our Live Map feature. At this time thermal mapping with DroneDeploy is supported if you are using the M200/M210 drones and the 640x512 DJI XT or XTR cameras.

Please take a look at our Thermal Mapping support documentation to learn more about this emerging feature.

Happy mapping!

You may mean NIR (Near Infrared) cameras. These are primarily used to generate NDVI images.

These documents from our FAQ page explain how to use NDVI with different cameras.