Phantom 3 NDVI Mapping for new user

Hello, I am very new to NDVI maps with drones in simple terms what do they actually show you and what is required to get started? Thanks

I don’t think there are any ndvi modifications for phantom 3 at the moment but we have a lot of agronomists using our app without ndvi to do analysis of their crops.

We have some examples and case studies of people using ndvi with dronedeploy in our blog.

@aerialmediapros performs the same modification on the Phantom 3 that is found on the Inspire NDVI cameras. The camera resolution is the same on both the P3 and Inspire (12MP), so any data or images that you see on the Inspire NDVI camera are valid representations of the P3 camera.

Please see the video and images below for a quick intro on the Ag Scout platforms:

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I just watched your video. Are you really getting 35 minutes flight time with the Matrice? If so this is very impressive! What areas are you able to cover?
Can you comment on how the flights are going with the Matrice using DroneDeploy?
Can you ship to the UK?

Hi, i write in your site to the conctact form for a ndvi camera phantom 3 but never responding… Please contact me

We don’t actually sell phantom 3s or cameras. You can look into Aerial Media Pros or some other vendors who offer modified cameras for Phantom 3s.

Hi Chase,

Your comment says “we have a lot of agronomists using our app without ndvi to do analysis of their crops,” but I don’t see anything that explains how you would use DroneDeploy maps without NDVI in agriculture. The blog link, where it talks about agriculture, seems to be all about NDVI.

Do you have any information to get started with on how I can apply DroneDeploy mapping in agricultural applications before I invest in a special camera?

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