NIR cameras for NDVI ag inspection

After doing a pretty extensive web search, and reading thru the forum here, I don’t see any recent good reviews on both camera and flying platforms for this work. We currently fly a Phantom 4, and work within the vineyard ag sector.
Any reviews of hardware solutions would be greatly appreciated.


Sentera provides an upgrade kit for Phantom 4’s and 4 Pros, as well as many other DJI products that can be easily added to your Phantom 4 in minutes. This allows you to capture both NDVI and RGB data in a single flight.

Detailed information can be found here:

You can purchase a camera kit here:

The Sentera Single Sensor is a true NIR sensor which we believe is the easiest way to capture NDVI data at the field edge while also gathering RGB data in one flight. Sentera also provides fully integrated platforms as well a mobile app specifically tailored for NDVI data collection using the Sentera sensor. NDVI data can then be processed in Sentera’s AgVault desktop application and uploaded for stitching through Drone Deploy. RGB data can be processed as normal through Drone Deploy as well. Feel free to contact Sentera directly if you have any questions.


I use a modified p3 camera from IRPRO. It has all the standard phantom fittings and only takes about 5 minutes to change over

You can consider this OEM NIR camera for your NDVI ag inspection.