Filters and Algorithm options for Sentera single sensor

Looking for some advice on which filters and algorithm choices to use with Sentera Single Sensor on DJI Inspire 1 aicrcraft. The sensor is NIR and has 58 deg FOV. Have tried several different combinations. So far RGB and VARI seem to reflect basic conditions (ie roads are red, crops are green) while other options seem to reverse the effect making roads green and crops red. Logically, this does not make sense to choose RGB when the sensor is a NIR sensor. It reportedly uses red and a blue band that is NIR not blue. Also when using RGB and VARI, the NDVI indices typically are always less than zero when healthy crops should be closer to one. (the same images appear in Sentera’s desktop app as 0.6 give or take). I am using DD because the agronomist I am working with wants proof of concept with stitched orthos vs tiled orthos to start with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

hi @Rover1 - does your camera have the band order information on the box? Please see here for more information:

Camera Filters for NDVI mapping

Single sensor is Red-Green-NIR

Hi…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge The Sentera Double 4K is a small, fully-customizable twin-imager sensor that is universally compatible with any UAV. Fitting in the footprint of a GoPro® HERO 4, the rugged, high-throughput Double 4K Sensor is designed for use in harsh environments with configuration options that make it ideal for use in agriculture and infrastructure inspection applications.

From what I understand the Sentera sensors use a combination of the NIR and the RGB band to create what can be described as a 4 band arrangement. Senter then uses these four bands to calculate an NDVI with all four bands in their software called AGVAULT to map these 4 bands on top of one another.

DroneDeploy currently processes NDVI with a three band arrangement. We are looking to support cameras like the Sentera in the future and are taking note of the most common sensors that are used by our customers.