Continued 3D Model Problems

I am evaluating Drone Deploy for purchase. I have uploaded a test but when I clicl on the 3d model I get a message that it needs to be reprocessed and it will take 5-25 minutes. I have done this several times to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

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I have joined DD but still cnnot get chat support?!
Is there a phone number to call?
How do I get time sensitive questions answered?

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I have consolidated your posts but more importantly moved the General Discussion to GD > “How To” so that is shows up in the recent content.

So you’ve done the flight and uploaded the images but the map still continues to show processing?

Thank you Michael
Yes… I have processed all of my files 2 and three times for the enhanced 3d but still get errors saying to reprocess. I am uploading a new capture now. I assume that you can find my account to have a look? If not, how do I share with you to see what I am doing wrong? I also click on chat for help and get a message to upgrade?

I’m just a user so I can’t get to any of your data but can. If you have uploaded and received no errors on the data then I am not sure why it would get stuck. Normally bad data just comes out and we can see it easily. They may be able to see something happening in processing as to why it is getting stuck. You have seen no error messages?