Connection Issue - Inspire 1

I cannot connect my DJI Inspire to Drone deploy. Im running
DJI Inspire Firmware
DJI Remote Firmware 1.7.40
DJI Go 2.8.3

Drone Deploy 2.0.11

On a Samsung Tablet running Android 4.4.2

Any ideas - help welcome

Many Thanks


Remote is supposed to be 1.8.1 but shouldn’t have any importance if you can fly the Inspire under DJIGo

Have you followed the instructions in this post on support?

Thanks Chasemgray.

Yes ive been through all that… Iget the Choosw an app for the USB device come up. I select DroneDeploy and then select Just once. Dronedeploy then starts… And at the bottom of the screen I get a message to connect my USB

Very frustrating.


The same with me.

djigo 2.8.3
DD 2.0.11
Samsung S5

When installing the DD on my phone,
having problem to connect DJI Go.

Tried to do like it was written here

but did not help.

Ok… After much testing ive finally had some success. ( But not on the same device )

I messed around for several hours stopping and starting the DJI Go and Drone Deploy apps. Clearing the cache and unplugging and replugging the usb cable. I did have success once… But sadly I couldn’t repeat it.

So since I have both a Samsung tablet and phone I decided to separate the 2 apps. ( like naughty children )
Ive kept the DJI Go app on the tablet as that app benefits from a larger screen and put the DroneDeploy app on my phone. ( Note I find it much easier to plan missions on my laptop and sync them ) At the point of flying a mission there isn’t that much to do… Select the mission, run the safety checks and go.

So for now I’m up and going …. I will re visit this issue when future updates of either app are released.

Same connection issue with my P3S and v2.0.11 - message comes up ‘USB Cable connected - waiting for Drone’ and therefore no ‘fly’ button.

As I’m using a P3S and wifi, not a USB connection, I have no idea what is going on here. v2.0.6 did work OK, although 2.0.9 never got past the pre-flight checks.

I’ll try again by separating the 2 apps like Howard has done.

EDIT: OK, I think that I’ve resolved my connection issues - may have been ‘finger trouble’ - see my other thread for a full explanation.

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