Connection error between DroneDeploy and DJI GO 4


I’m using the DJI Mavic Air to do land surveys with DD.
When DD app do the check list before to start the flght, tells my “Invalid controller mode: Check Multiple Flight Mode is on in DJI Go” and “Mavic: Make sure youare not in Sport Mode”.
The problem is because I have ON the Multiple Flight Mode, and the Sport Mode is OFF I have tryed many time, and always is the same.
I also trying actualizing all the firmwayer and app, restarting and everithing, but the problem is still there.
Some days ago, DD achieve to do all the pre flight list and I get a very good model.
Please if you tell me what configuration option I can change to allow the correct operation of DD.

Regards, PV

I have the same issue. I believe it started following a firmware update for my Mavic Air in around Dec2018/Jan2019.

May be. I have been updated my firmware on Jan2019. I’m waiting the new update tu try to use the app.

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