Combining multiple maps for viewing online

Hi all!

I’m a new user, as of last week, so please direct me if this has been answered elsewhere; I’m working on mapping sections of a river and bay to document silt buildup at low tides.

There are 4-5 different sections, non-contiguous, that I plan to hit in the next couple of weeks. The maps are not directly connected to each other. I’m using DJI for these missions.

Each section is over 60 acres so, if this project continues, it will be huge; I’d like to view ALL of the maps in the online viewer, primarily to show my client the big picture, in context. In addition, some of these sections will be flown at different times of the year for comparison, and I’d love to see them layered, as I can in the Maps Made Easy platform.

I have read about a “master map”, but it seems like this can only be done by re-uploading all of my photos each time for a new render. Is there any way to fly different missions and then have the option to view them all online in the same master map?

Thanks all!


Hi @trogerwilliams - this is a bit tricky given that the maps are non-contiguous. If they had an overlapping area, you could combine the datasets and upload a larger map at 1000 images.

One suggestion is to download the .kml file of each map and render it on Google Earth. This’ll give you a way to at least visualize each map simultaneously. Please see here for more information on exporting:

Instructions to export
Different data formats