Updating the 'Fly' Map

We have an ever changing mine site and I’d like to update the ‘Fly’ map so that I can more accurately plot my next flight.
Is there anyway I can set this? I fly multiple flights of the site and it appear that it is always the last flight that comes up as the update, but the last flight might be a small area, not an overview.
How can I manually select which map to use?


You can’t if it’s in the same project. I asked this a while back and haven’t heard anything. How many “areas” could have their own flights. I would have an overall map and then separate maps for each area. We do this when project have multiple sections or roadways that are just way too long to process and exports at once. We broke that one down per mile. That and LOS. I changed the category the Feature Request so you get better exposure.

I have not figured out how to stitch multiple flights into one map yet. I know other software companies offer this feature. I tried to export the geotiff and reimport them into a new project but this didn’t workout.

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You would have to upload the photos from the different flight all at the same time and adjust your boundary accordingly. Another good option is to export the individual GeoTIFFs and combine them in QGIS. This is probably the best method when do very large tracts. You can then export out a master map.

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