Join maps/projects together

I do mapping of big areas, the smallest one is an 1000ha farm, so it would take too many batteries, cards, and confusion to do it as a big map, as the risk to lose data or something go wrong would be even bigger.
For now you just link adjacent areas but you don’t show it as the same map, I would be really useful to join maps or projects together.
Since I use it for personal/family use, for monitoring our farms, but we do have large areas to monitor over time, it would be great if we could see all the map of a farm at once in the screen and not in pieces.
That’s why I even sent you an email regarding export to Google Earth, that we use a lot for planning.
I even payed to be a Pro user, but this would be a key feature for me, to see a big map all together, and also the possibility to compare it over time with new ones.

I do feel it would help if we could have folders to put our various flights into, so we can organize them how we want to.