Wrong Project Background

Here is a new issue that has been coming up lately when we are working adjacently to another project that I have flown. It occurs most often when we are doing several sections of a subdivision in succession. This one is odd thought because only a small piece of the project overlap and there is an existing map of the project I am trying to plan.

I spoke with Support and this is a known condition as the program always looks for the latest map in the “vicinity”. I’ll report back if there are any updates.

Yeah I talked to Katie on Friday about that issue/feature. End-user has requested that the newer maps be shown instead of old Google maps. Example: Google shows nothing but trees and you flew the area after the trees have been removed. Now when they are building the subdivision section you would see a clean area vs all the trees. That I don’t mind.

In the past it would start associating the other map to my current project. I’ve shown Anya this issue and there could be 1/2 mile distance between the flights, this is the association issue.

Exactly. In the beta of the solution I also had issues with making the project area too small and it would show no maps. No that I am making sure they encompass the entire area the adjacent maps started populating. I just go back to our Google Earth workflow of creating KML’s of the CAD. This can happen allot on projects that have constant revisions.