Ability to combine sets of planned and completed projects

All of our projects need to be flown in sections, usually 30 to 40 acres each for an average of about 150 images per section. A typical property might consist of 8 such sections which make up the entire property. Since the sections are uploaded individually it would be extremely helpful to be able to combine the sets into a single map without uploading all of the images for all sections again for this purpose. Uploading the full set is redundant work that is not only quite time consuming on our end, but also increases bandwidth, storage and processing power on the DD end.

Along those same lines, the staging of these flights need to be done in sections, so we end up with 8 individual “projects” per property, but there is no way to see visually how these sections line up with each other. Consequently, we must over compensate for the boundaries of each to be sure we are not missing any land coverage, but this additional overlap creates big issues during the stitching process of the combined sections and adds a considerable number of unnecessary images to the map. It would be very helpful to be able to combine the individual sections into a “master” project where boundaries can be viewed and adjusted, perhaps even with the ability of saving each change back to the original project map.

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Thank you for sharing this feature request @aeroascensio. We’re always trying to improve and appreciate it when users share what they would find valuable. :slight_smile: