Clearing offline cache

Can anyone advise how you clear the “Available offline” cache?

I have reached 9 of a maximum of 10 plans and even though I have deleted previous plans that used offline maps I still can’t get this to clear down.

Using iOS 12.1.1 on iPad mini

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Deselect ‘Make Available Offline’ before deleting a template to ensure the offline map is deleted from your cached limit of 10. When you’re back online, allow the device to sync to its servers for 10 minutes before quitting the app.

I did read this in the help section but I think I have deleted the plan without going through this process.

How can I recover this situation, is there some other way to clear the cache?

murray_s, I know that this is over 3 year-old, did you ever get a resolution on this issue?

Also, I have 2 in offline mode that I can’t find in my maps. Is there anyway to find them quickly?

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