Clearing Offline Maps

Has anyone managed to work out how to clear cached maps that are used to fly offline. (iPad Mini 5 ios 13.1.3)

I have never managed to crack this and I find myself rapidly approaching my limit of cached maps.

I have gone into the projects that I have completed and deselected the toggle switch for offline maps but this appears to have no effect and when I look to add another offline project my total is still as it was.

I am now at 8 of 10 and I can’t seem to find the right way to get rid of the old offline maps.

The last time I had this problem, the only way I managed to clear this was to remove the app altogether and reinstall it.

Any advice on this welcome


Hi Murray,
Yes, that is the way DD told me to remove the offline maps. Make sure you turn off Available off line option, then delete app and reinstall. I have a lot of offline maps cached and I need to delete them as I go along. Flight plans and data are not effected as its held on the DD server. Offline option is in your IOS device. Give your ios device time to sync before re installing. Hope this helps.

Hi @murray_s!

Sorry to hear about your maps not un-syncing from the offline status. Some devices have a hard time un-caching flight plans than other.@Kapchaking is correct, you will want to uninstall the app but make sure to allow enough tie for the flight plans to sync. I hope you find that helpful~


I am checking in to see if the ability to purge offline maps has been improved/updated since the last posts. Thank you.

Has this had any update? Are we still expected to uninstall and reinstall the app if we want to purge the ‘make available offline’ maps?

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