Clear Maps that were available in offline mode

I cleared out all my old flight plans but the app still say I have 10 plans avalale for offline use

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Hi, @Trusted_Colorado_Pho May you please tell me the method you used to clear the offline flights saved on your device?

In order to uncache flight plans that are saved to the mobile device you need to go to the individual flight plans and un-sync them. There is not currently a view that allows a user to see which flight plans are saved offline.

If you are unable to go to individual flight plans and un-sync them, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This will oftentimes un-sync all of the offline flights from the mobile device.

@MichaelL thanks for the tag here! Hope you are keeping well :slight_smile:

I deleted them from the dashboard. Please tell me what are “quick access “ missions and also how the desktop app syncs with the iPad I use.


Do the flight plan still show up elsewhere in your directory? You might have deleted them completely but they can probably recover them.

Quick Access is a geolocated function that should pull up the five closest sites to your location.

Offline plans are cached to the mobile device.