Offline Routes Question

Hi, as far as I know DroneDeploy allows you to download a max of 10 routes for offline mode, how do I delete old routes once I’ve flown them to free up that 10 slot space?


Hi @LukeEdAllen,

Great question! We do limit the number of offline maps to 10 flight plans on the mobile app. You can always delete completed plans by navigating to the plan, clicking on the drop-down options to the right of your plan, and then selecting “Delete”:

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any difficulties deleting your map.


Do we have to delete the map completely? We can’t just uncheck the Make Available Offline?

Hi @MBlacklin,

Thanks so much for chiming in! Yes, you can absolutely turn off the Make Available Offline toggle:

This will allow you to add additional offline maps to your dashboard if you do not wish to delete your flight plans.


Thanks for the response!

Sorry to revive an old topic, but I’m having a similar doubt: I had downloaded a route for offline use, then duplicated it and downloaded that too. I then deleted the original one from the website, but DroneDeploy on Android still tells me that I have used 2 of 10 slots. Shoudln’t it show 1 of 10?

Same issue here, it seems that the internal app counter can get stuck. A solution that worked for me is to delete the app, reinstall the app, and after you login the offline route maps will get redownloaded automatically and the count will be correct (went from 3 “stuck” maps and 6 actual ones with the counter saying I have 9 offline to the counter saying I have 6 offline).

I have the same issue, but unfortunately your solution is not working for me :frowning: The download count is still wrong… sigh

What is the purpose of limiting the user to 10 offline tile packages? Something to do with map api licensing, something else, or just arbitrary?