Cesium Stories

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Introducing Cesium Stories

All Cesium ion users now have access to Cesium Stories, a new app for creating and sharing 3D geospatial presentations on the web.

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Cesium Stories makes it easy to quickly explore and share 3D tilesets, imagery, and terrain; style and analyze them, and build scenes that fuse and geolocate multiple assets—all without writing a single line of code.

Create presentations with interactive slides using curated datasets from our Asset Depot like Cesium World Terrain, your own 3D data—including imagery, terrain, point clouds, KML, 3D buildings, and BIM/CAD—or a combination of multiple datasets.

Thanks to 3D Tiles, you can stream and share even the most massive models and fuse them together into a single scene.

With support for all major browsers, Cesium Stories can be shared across the web and on social media. Stories adapt to mobile screens, desktop, and big screen presentations.

Cesium Stories also comes with:

  • an editor to add rich text and images;
  • high-fidelity measurement tools for light-weight analysis;
  • support for visualizing time-dynamic data with pinpoint accuracy;
  • a styling editor for defining the color of features in your 3D Tiles based on their metadata.

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