Map has disappeared since cesium

I did a 3D model of my house which was great but it’s now disappeared and instead I have a logo for cesium


3D model fails to appear for me occasionally as well. Normally if I refresh the page it will come back.

Cesium requires newer versions of the browser. Try upgrading your browser. It also works best on Chrome and Firefox.
You also might want to reprocess it as it describes there so it is current on Cesium.

This circumstance is starting to happen more consistently now. New map. First time I go in the 3D is blank. I hit refresh on the page, reselect the 3D map and it then appears.

Windows 10 with Chrome Incognito v70.0.3538.110


Support is happy to take a look at specifics via if you guys would be interested in that.

In general, browser/loading issues with Chrome and Firefox can be cleared by:

  • Making sure your browser is fully updated
  • Clearing the cache
  • Making sure you have no extensions, ad blockers, or firewalls that could get in the way. This a big one - could be anything from Ad block as an extension, to your local AV software, to your Enterprise network filter.
  • Resetting Chrome is a good ‘lets cover all of our bases’ option

Additional info. Just started happening this morning. Browser version above.