Incorporating CGI Graphics

Q) Anybody have any experience of incorporating CGI graphics onto an orthomosaic please?
I have a client who would like to illustrate a greenfield site with cgi graphics showing a building being ‘constructed’ as a before (empty field) and after (plus a graphic of a house)

Many Thanks

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I think you can do that in Google Earth. Just import the map as a super-overlay and drape it to the surface. You can also do fly-by’s.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply
As you can see I have overlayed the 2d plan over the terrain mesh in GE and planned a flyby using Litchi. What I would like to do is add a 3d image of completed house or similar over the ortho. I’m thinking if I take a load of images to create a 3d mesh, can I import it into the architects CAD software to incorporate the plan view of the house

Thanks again

You can export to KML out of Navisworks or Revit

To export a building model as a Google Earth KML or KMZ file, click Add-Ins tab Globe Link panel Export . The Export Options dialog displays which is used to manage the amount of data to be exported . See Publish and Export Options.

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