Spherical 360 Viewer

A viewer for 360 degree spherical panoramas.

Hi @chascoadmin,

Do you have an example of something like this from another product or site to share? I imagine this would be pretty cool for jobsites.


You can see them on Facebook, or there is a free software called FSP Viewer that will allow you to view them. We use FSP internally as it is a Windows program so you can also view them offline if you have the files on your computer.

I can send you a file so you can test FSP viewer as well.

Thanks for sharing @chascoadmin. We don’t have this planned at the moment but I agree it’d be neat to add.

Besides getting a spreadsheet with quantities, the 360 photos are probably the favorite deliverable among our project managers and owners/developers. :wink:

Duly noted, Michael! :slight_smile: