Camera goes limp half way through mission

Flying with the Matrice and the RGB X3 camera, we keep (two times) getting the camera to go limp or essentially tilt part of the way through a mission of 77 acres. We tried the first one on an iphone 6s plus. The second attempt was made on a android tablet. The bad data (which include horizon shots) basically is useless after the camera tilts. On the first mission it happened around image 60 and on the second the tilt came at image 160 (little more than half the field).

We can get a successful mission just fine with our NDVI camera. So we are getting the feeling that the only common denominator is the camera. The memory card has plenty of room.

Any thoughts to a fix would be much appreciated!

We’ve seen issues with the camera going limp sometimes on a drone. For us it was due to a loose cable in the gimbal. When the drone was on the ground we could reproduce it by tapping the gimbal and it would sometimes happen.


Ill have to test that out. It’s odd because we can map a 28 acre field with the same camera on my matrice as well as my inspire - turns out perfect. A loose wire still makes sense because the bigger (77 acre) field, the drone is moving around much more, it was a bit windy (~10mph) that day, I imagine more at ~200ft up.

Would you attempt the remedy this issue through DJI support?

Thanks Chase

If you can reproduce it somehow on the ground, that’s the best. If you can, then I’d contact DJI support. Could be something else, but I think we’ve seen this as well on one of our drones.