Camera Focus Problem

Hi, I’ve suddenly got an error warning when I go to do the pre-flight-check in DD: the app says “Camera Focus Problem - unable to set focus on camera”. If I just click ‘continue anyway’, the resulting images are soft focus and nowhere near as crisp as they should be.

Does anyone have experience of this and know how to fix it?

  • I have updated everything to current versions as of 11th January 2023; DJI GO4 app, DD app, firmware on all devices. Doesn’t fix the problem.
  • Focus is still fine when I fly and shoot with the DJI GO app, so I assume it’s not a technical issue with the drone itself, nor with how the GO app communicates with the drone.

Any help appreciated!

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Try adjusting your lens. Or it maybe a software issue.

Thanks - yes, I think it’s software too, but none of that is in my hands, it’s the app basically, and I’ve updated everything. I’ve gotten around it by moving to manual focus in the DD app, and setting focus manually before I fly. It adds an annoying step but has the desired result.

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