Camera control Inspire 2

Hi all,

Recently we bought a new Inpsire 2 with a X5S camera with a original DJI lens. Now we wanted to use the new I2 for aerial mapping and lucky for me Dronedeploy app did support the inspire 2.

I took it out to the field and started a waypoint mission with Dronedeploy app and all worked perfect however I came across some issues.

I noticed that the calculated GSD according to the preset height AGL was not giving me the correct GSD. I mean that 3.5 cm on 75 meters altitude AGL is not what I expected.

Also while in flight I noticed that it was flying incredibly fast between waypoints. I really do think that this has an effect on the photo`s. Just like we mentioned earlier with the Inpire 1. Can we control the speed?

Also, how can we control the camera settings? The photo`s taken where completely out of focus. Do we need to set this with the DJI Go4 app first?

I hope you can help me with these questions.

Kind regards,

Lammert de Graaf

Hi Lammert,

Sorry to hear this. I’m checking on the calculated GSD issue.

Right now, you can’t control the speed but adjustable speed is in the works. I would also try a faster microSD card if possible.

Finally, per this thread, some users have reported much better results by switching their camera settings to manual, which you can do in the DJI Go 4 app first: New Releases: iOS app support for Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2

Hi Kara,

Today I did another 3 short missions just to try some different camera settings and to test your suggestions. What I also did when flying was having the second remote controller on standby with the DJI Go 4 app running (ios). What I then noticed on the DJI Go 4 app was, when the aircraft took off (with dronedeploy app) that the focus (I was using the manual focus on infinite setting) was switching from manual to auto by itself.

Like you said, I did turn of the auto camera setting in the dronedeploy app. And the reason why the photos where not sharp, was because off the automatic switching between manual and auto focus. First photo is with manual focus (infinite) and second photo is with auto focus. When in flight I changed the focus back to manual with the second remote controller and the results where good (only a little bit over exposure which was my fault :sweat_smile: ) (see attached foto`s).

Maybe you can solve this problem in the next update. The flight speed is better by the way. The aircraft now fly`s with a constant speed of 5 or 6 m/s but a feature with adjustable speed would be better. But as you said, we need to wait for that.

Problem solved for now but a little adjustment in the app would be great.

Kind regards,


Hi Lammert,

Thank you for the update and the suggestion. I know the team is working with the SDK and on improving the experience. Please let me know if you need anything else.