Bug report - unwanted change of mission at battery change

I use the android Drone Deploy free version for all my mapping missions. I sometimes divide large projects in two or more missions and fly them in parallell. I have two identical phones (Huawei P30 Pro), and two identical drones (DJI Mavic Pro v1). I usually have no problem handling the two drones at the same time, only when they happen to return to home simultaneously there is a small risk of collision which has to be managed manually. I have flown like this many times, and I have never had any problems, but yesterday, when I flew two missions, with 4 batteries each, one of the phones switched mission to the one running on the other phone! To be clear, Drone A returned normally, I got the usual “the mission can safely be continued”, I continued the mission. No warning at all that the mission was changed, but after a few minutes i noticed that the drone had continued on mission B instead of mission A. This must be a bug. As I recall, this is what happened:

Drone A returned
Drone B was also returning to home, so there was no time to let Drone A continue.
Drone B returned
Drone A battery was replaced and mission continued, but it continued on mission B not A!
Drone B battery was replaced and mission continued, and it also tried to (correctly) continue mission B

It would be great to have a solution to this. Best regards!

It was always like that – even back in the days when Skydio was supported, and it made sense. You were just (un)lucky so far that the app did not sync your account, which was further synced to another controller/phone…