Multiple battery mission flipping completed portion

Summary of Issue:
I have been running some missions that take multiple batteries. After the first flight the drone returns back to the start point. After the battery swap the complete portion of the mission is sometimes reversed with the unfinished portion, thus the drone takes a second run over the area that has already been photographed, and leaves the second half uncompleted

Date Issue Began:
March 2018 - July 2018
Drone Model:
Phantom 4 Pro
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
IOS 11.4.1 - Iphone 8+
DroneDeploy App Version:

Hello @knussear thanks for reaching out. I would make sure you have also updated your firmware for your Phantom 4 Pro. Do you have an example of a map that this occured on so I can take a further look? Thanks and looking forward to your response.

I used a KML for the mission. This one was a 4 battery mission 1 km^2. First 3 batteries operated fine. On the last run I DD switched the completed with not completed. Tried 3 times to fix. See areas of duplicated photos marked in red. This also happened several times with flights that only used 2 batteries.Screen_Shot_2018-07-11_at_5_36_03_AM

I recently had two different maps revert back to one waypoint before the one it was supposed to restart on. Not the same thing, but may be related.

Hello @knussear Thanks for following up. Not sure what you mean by " DD switched the completed with not completed."

We essentially save the flight up to the waypoint you achieved. For example, if you do not end up going to the end of your leg and hit the waypoint, you will ultimately be remapping these areas. One way to work around this would be to copy the flight plan map, and adjust your starting waypoint that way. I would be curious to see if your KML is affecting your multiple battery flights. One way to troubleshoot is also to create another flight plan.

Thanks and please do reach out if you have any more questions and I will be able to dive deeper.

Actually now that I look at you image plot again it looks like my experience was more similar in the fact that the program went back one waypoint from where it should have restarted, the exception being that it looks like the first battery swap went 4 back.

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What happened is the drone went to the last waypoint and then started to refly completed portions instead of moving on to the non-completed portions. I hit the call home to return the drone and adjust the flight plan, but id didn’t work. I then had to copy the flight plan and try to adjust as DD seems to lock them. Ended up creating a new KML and coming back another day as all of my batteries were used up at that point. This has happened on about five flights in the last few months.

Hi @knussear,

Can you share the name(s) of the affected flight(s)?


The name of the flight is Buffered Sheep

Hi @knussear,

I’m sending you a private message to get the email address of your DroneDeploy account. Please be on the lookout in the next few minutes.


Hi @knussear,

I’ve escalated your issue for our team to review. I’ll report back here once I have more info to share or need to gather some more from you.

Hang tight,

Hi @knussear,

Our team is investigating your issue at the moment and we don’t have any information to share just yet. I do not have a workaround either, which I know is something you don’t want to hear. As soon as I have an update to share I will report back here and post it.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!


This has happened to me recently too. Will fly a portion of a multi-battery flight, then, when you “Continue” the mission, the UAV starts at to fly at the right waypoint number, but the completed/non-completed portion have been flipped. My fix has been to rotate the flight angle by 180°, but obvious isn’t ideal.

P3A, latest firmwares, etc. Which, with the different platforms, makes me think it’s a DD app issue.

Hi @Geog33,

Can you recall when this started happening? How often does this issue occur?


I first noticed back around the end of March. It happens nearly every time I try to fly a multi-battery mission.

Yes - precisely the same issue. Glad to know I’m not crazy!

I noticed it mid-april probably? I have not been able to pin down a set of circumstances that triggers it. It hasn’t happened since the latest version I don’t believe.

It does NOT happen consistently. I’d say it’s happened about 3 or 4 times out of a dozen flights.

Ran a MBM today with no issues. Drone firmware, iOS firware and DroneDeploy all up-to-date. I find it best to manually RTH after the second waypoint of the turn between 25-35% battery remaining.

Here we are almost a year later and this happened to me on Monday. Large site that takes 2-3 batteries depending on the conditions. It flu about the first half returned home and when I hit continue the part that had been flown went back to solid lines in the unformed portion was dotted line so I knew that it was about to rerun it. I let it go ahead and it ran the first portion again but the path was reversed. This created a major complication when trying to do the PPK and update geotag process.

18090 Crosswinds Ph2 04/29/2019

The non-GCP version (2 of 2) was uploaded from the completed mission so it should contain the logs.

@Erika_Houseman @Kaitlin @Adam_Carp

I often have the same issue when the drone executes a low battery return. It will sometimes return to the wrong waypoint, skipping a flight line. Best work around is to force a RTH just after a corner waypoint, which seems to work.