BIM360 being discontinued?

From what I can tell BIM360 is being shutoff by Autodesk this year. This was brought up by one of my customers today. Autodesk will now focus on Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Does DroneDeploy have a solution to export issues to Autodesk Construction Cloud?

I have both a BIM360 account and ACC account for testing. It seems the issue export feature only works for BIM360 now. What do customers do when they only have an ACC Build account?

Anyone have this issue?



Alex from DroneDeploy here. You can make the switch to ACC/Build whenever you are ready - the integration on our side says “BIM360” but if you want to export to ACC/Build, you can do so at any time once your team makes that switch to ACC/Build.

You would just set up the integration following similar steps in the link below in ACC/Build as opposed to BIM360:

Hope this helps!

@AlexHennessey thank you for your help. When I click on Send To BIM in the issue while signed into my clients Autodesk Build project, the Observation type dropdown menu is empty and the Send button is greyed out not allowing me to complete the export function. See screenshot attached. Do you know why this is happeneing? My client is waiting on a solution… Thanks!

Thanks for the reply -

Just sent you a message and we’ll get this configuration set up appropriately and have you syncing issues ASAP.


Any movement on this? No input from support yet :unamused:

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