Map to AutoCad?

I am new to DroneDeploy. Haven’t even had a chance to do DroneDeploy Academy yet. Have a client that just wants and AutoCad of his property with the structures in the correct GPS locations. Then he wants to add the sprinkler and landscape lighting positions. Then he also wants to control the sprinklers and landscape lighting from this autocad program? Any suggestions?
Thanks for your time

Hi @FlaDroneChick, welcome! So it sounds like your client wants a drone ortho map that can be inserted into an AutoCAD DWG or DXF file. The only CAD file you can export out of DroneDeploy is a DXF of the ground contours. Does your client actually have AutoCAD? Can you find out which version?

As for controlling lighting and sprinklers that is not related to AutoCAD. Maybe they got confused between different types of programs as to what does what…

Thanks. Yes he uses an AutoCad program to view his house in NY, can click on cameras inside the house and control the lights inside. When I looked at the screen on his phone it was just a simple AutoCad program with icons in different locations depicting the camera locations and one for the lights in each room. I am going back today to do the mapping as I ran out of battery just doing all the stills the contractor wanted. Was hoping to get more info in case he came out to chat again. I’ve already notified the contractor of what he is looking also. Will try to find out which version.

I suspect that it is an AutoCAD-like program that shows a floorplan, but not the actual Autodesk AutoCAD program. We’ll see…