Draping Linework on 3D Models?

I am new to DroneDeploy. I am going to be using DD for empty lots for real estate, both commercial and residential. My questions are is there a way to place lines or property markers so people can tell on the 3D model where the property lines are? Is this even possible then export as OBJ?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Ty_Downing, I am moving this to feature requests as it is not yet available. I had a similar request to add that would solve this as well. Draping CAD linework on the model.

I had the guys paint the grid on the poly so you can see what it would look like to have CAD on the model… Yes.


@Ty_Downing Thanks for reaching out! We currently do not have this feature native to our platform. However our engineering team may be working on a feature that will allow this in the near future!