Total NOOB needing guidance Plz!

Hey guys!,

I’m a noob when it comes to 3D mapping. I have a Mavic 2 Pro and I’m looking to map residential and commercial construction. What are the components needed to make that happen? I have a good computer, I have my drone, I have dronedeploy etc…What other software is needed to edit or create a 3D maps and be able to send it to a client or show them? Any info or a short guideline on what the best practices are would be SO AWESOME!

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Depends on what the client needs as a deliverable. If you share links to the site the only thing you might need outside of DroneDeploy is an image editor that doesn’t remove metadata and maybe a point cloud editor, but the latter is unlikely. Being able to turn orthos into optimized PDFs is a plus.

This would be a start for flying.
Sculpting good 3D models with a drone is part art and part science at this time. Gaining experience in how best to apply the techniques to optimize the models is the best approach.
Along with the Nadir grid photos, getting good sequential overlapping oblique images without the sky in them is key. Many people use the POI feature in the DJI Go app to get good overlapping oblique images.

These documents give good insight on how to go about it.

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You can share the finished map/model by sending them a link.

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