Any Pro Account users switch to the Projects platform? How is it working out?

I read that DroneDeploy is doing away with the old platform and moving everyone to the Projects platform. I tried out the Projects platform a few months back, but I was unable to share data with my clients unless they also had a paid DroneDeploy account. Will this still be the case? Will I no longer be able to share data with my clients unless they have a paid account? Will I no longer be able to use DroneDeploy and share with clients at the Pro account level?

Hi @HiPoint, you are correct that you cannot share the entire project with unpaid customers. That requires them to have a paid account or for you to have an Enterprise account and have them in your organization. You can still share individual flights as you would have in the past. Just look down at the bottom-left and click share. The next window should look familiar.

Thanks. When I last switched to the Projects platform, I kind of panicked when my client called and stated that he no longer had access to any of the old maps. Will I need to create/send a new link for each of the maps that were process prior to placing them all in a folder and a project?

That I do not know. I have converted the majority of my projects over. I use to use folders for each job and the individual flight and those flight have now been moved. @Kaitlin, do you know if the old interface view-only share links will stay the same in the new interface?

I just moved a mission from an old interface folder to a new interface project and the view-only share link did change. :frowning:

Thanks. I will try it also.