Beta V9 Release (DroneDeploy 1.0.7)

Version 9 (1.0.7) is now out!

Download the APK and Check out the Release Notes. For those first getting started, please read the Getting Started Guide.

We’re excited to get your feedback! If you have any feedback or bug reports specific to this version, please reply to the V9 topic in the Bugs and Feedback category.

Most Notable Updates:

  • Improved shutter speed settings
  • Ability to set any altitude between 20m and 120m.
  • Removed downloads completely
  • Upload speeds improved on desktop
  • Warning when connecting Phantom 2 to the Inspire/P3 app
  • New mission temporarily removed
  • Bug fixes based on customer feedback.

LINK REMOVED DUE TO BUG. Please download V9.1

Great interface improvement guys.

Most of my work involves preflight planning where I might be doing, for example, several orbits and/or focus flights etc

REASON: When in the field with the AC connected, under pressure and conscious of battery/time its too easy to rush ( not that it actually takes that much time) and skip attention to other things like environment and safety.

As the amount of fields needed to store a flight mission is small, might it not be a good idea to be able to plan mission flights in the office and save them as named flight plans. These can quickly be recalled in the field taking away the pressures of possible compromised safety.

It wound not add much clutter if it was a small icon at the top that opened up a popup to ‘Save these paramters’ or the like. It would contain a list of the named flight plans with icons for save and load.

Just about to use drone deploy for the first time today, have updated to V9. Just to confirm, if there is little or NO data connection though i wont be able to use dronedeploy software? ( have a big job coming up which this is going to be perfect for but bad data area.

That and not needing to restart the app are the next highest items on the list.

This is on the list for next week.

You don’t need data to setup, fly the mission and get the images, just for uploading and downloading after processing.

I thought the app had to connect to the internet to start? So it just connects to the inspire and will work then? then can upload the images when back home is that correct?

Two flights for us today with V9 (DD1.0.7). Inspire 1. Absolutely no issues with the software and it performed as expected. We marked the take-off point with a battery and in both flights the aircraft landed right next to the battery so it’s very accurate returning to home.

Appreciate the battery level indicator.