Beta 1.4.7 Bugs and Feedback

Thanks Chasemgray. I moved that setting that had me flying within a limited range and flew two missions. The problem I have now is that at around 90% completion of a long mission, the app in the tablet suddenly dissapeared, I had to use the control to call the drone home. Did a second attempt touching the screen every 20 - 30 sec just to make sure the tablet didn´t go into a different mode. The app dissapeared a second time during the mission around 60% completion.

Hmm. That’s odd. I haven’t seen any crash notifications today from Android.

Did it run out of SD card space? It doesn’t sound like 128 should be too many. We check for space before the flight. The fact that one is “empty” makes me thing something went wrong during saving the file on the drone.

We had enough space on the SD card. Both flights were recorded entirely up to their landing point. The app just suddenly disappeared during flight.

P3P v1.6.040
TX GL300B v1.5.70
Samsung Note 4 (SM-N910U) v5.0.1

DJI Go v2.7.0
DD App v1.4.7

On Sun 27 Mar I was mapping a large area with multiple flights.
This was my second attempt at the site.
On another day only one of the flights was successful.
That was due to unfamiliarity with the app and error messages.

9 flights this time.
I may have been doing things wrong but this is what I did on the day to get the job done.
If I did not do this, I would get various errors.
-Low signal error during check.
-Camera could not take test picture.
-low signal shortly after takeoff.
-failure to take off after passing preflight. Screen just show taking off.

I was using 2 SD cards and downloading them to a laptop between flights.

There is no cellphone coverage at this site.
Offline sync worked :slight_smile:

To get consistent results I had to restart the whole system before each flight.
Turn off everything.
Turn on in order RX, P3P, Note4.
Connect to Note4.
Start DJI Go.
Take a picture with DJO Go.
Close DJI Go from app manager
Disconnect usb.
Connect USB, start DD.
Start mission.
About 1.5-2 mins DD would carsh.
Start DJI Go to monitor progress.
The P3P would complete teh mission and come back to land.
It keeps taking pictures until I turn off the battery.
The last image is usually corrupt

Repeat x 9

If DD didn’t crash I could have used the continue feature and just flown one mission.

What is the reason that you open DJI Go while the mission is running? This is usually ok, but the DroneDeploy app keeps track of which waypoint you are at, makes sure the camera stops at the end of the mission, and also makes sure the camera starts when it is supposed to. If the app isn’t open it can’t do these things. This is one of the most common reasons people cannot continue missions or the camera doesn’t capture images.

I do not open DJI Go while DD is running.
Only after DD crashes.
Fortunately by this point the mission is already underway.