App focused on the ground and then did not refocus on the roof

I used Drone Deploy the other day for a low level roof map, and to make sure I got the whole roof I extended the boundries of the map away from the edge of the roof. When I looked back at the photos later on I noticed that the app focused the camera on the ground next to the building, and then took blurry photos of the roof the whole way down the first pass. On the second and further passes it looks in focus, like it must have refocused after pass #1. But the first pass is unusable and I need to go back and reshoot. Is there a way to make the camera focus on every photo, or better ensure it focuses on the intended target?


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Can you provide us with some software and equipment detail?

DJI Mavic 2 Pro
Drone deploy mobile 4.64.1


Thank you. I have seen reports of focus issues with the Mavics over the years so it could be an update to the DroneDeploy app that reintroduced a bug. If you can replicate it a couple of times you can provide them with the logs so they can actually do something about it.

Do you disable the DroneDeploy camera control and run the DJI settings?

I don’t, I let DroneDeploy handle the camera settings. Would using the DJI app for that be better?

I thought that used to be the standard for Mavic pilots but I know that DroneDeploy did some work on it as well so I don’t know if it ever got cleared up or not. It’s worth a try. Auto exposure is fine but make sure you set a static white balance value.

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As a Mavic user, I can’t ever get anything in focus if I leave DroneDeploy to manage it.

My recommendation therefore, would be take off in DJI Go, hover over the roof at your mission height, automatically focus on the roof and take a shot. Switch the focus to ‘manual’ and then quit the app and go to Drone Deploy. In DD, toggle the focus to allow DJI Go to manage………and you will never look back. :slight_smile:

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