Mavic out of focus?

I am very new to this and just completed my first mission. I flew a 40 acre field at an altitude of 300’ and the images appear to be out of focus… Is there a way to focus when using drone deploy? I had the auto camera settings selected. When I went into DJI GO 4 it was on manual settings… The map I got does not look bad, I am just a bit disappointed as I can tell it is not in focus. Any help would be appreciated.


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One more question, what altitude do your recommend I fly in order to try and get good field health maps? Field sizes range from 40 - 360 ac… obviously 360 couldn’t be done in one trip…

Make sure you are on the current drone firmware and our most recent app version. I would uninstall and reinstall the app.

Flying at 350 - 400 feet is a good start to get good stitching on fields. You can try lower and see if it works. Each field or subject matter is somewhat unique.

For those here on this thread with a Mavic Pro, we want to let you guys know that we our starting a slow rollout of a new version that includes a fix for Mavic focus. In our testing it looks to be promising. The version number is v2.56.0. Android is rolling out slowly now as we continue to test. iOS is still under review, but both are coming soon.

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How will we be notified when this update rolls out?

This was rolled out and based on feedback appears to be working.

I just did my first mission with the Mavic and Drone Deploy today, had no issues with setting up and flying missions. However, all photos have come out blurry and out of focus. Photos are sharp when taken with the DJI Go app.
I had the “Automatic Camera Settings” under Advanced turned on in Drone Deploy; does that need to be switched off or do I need to set focus in DJI Go and then fly with Drone Deploy?

I’m on Version 2.57.0 on Android.


Hi @arunabha42,

I would suggest turning off Automatic Camera Settings in the DroneDeploy app and then see if the issue persists.


Flew my first DroneDeploy mission yesterday with a DJI Mavic and pictures were out of focus also. Latest firmware for Mavic Pro an iOS on iPad Mini 4. DroneDeploy camera settings on automatic. 100 acres at 300 feet. The 3D model looks OK, but I will fly the mission again and manually set the focus. I’ll update after processing.

Hi @dwayne.dove,

We’re currently investigating an issue where Mavic drones are not focusing properly. We hope to have an update to share soon.


Any news? Another Mavic user here.

Hi @LancerX,

We’re still working on this issue. Updates will be shared here as soon as we have one available. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten!


Guess DD has a new programmer that really screwed the App on Mavic. I was getting excellent maps and now I’m doomed!

Hi @vkchengm,

Is your DroneDeploy app version at least 2.60? If so, you should be able to disable the automatic focus in the Advanced Settings of the DroneDeploy app and set your focus manually.

Let me know if this helps.


@Christina I’m confused - thought DD was still working on a fix for the Mavic focus issue. Is this problem now solved?

Hi @LancerX,

We’re still working on providing a stable solution for that issue, but the suggestion above might help in the meantime.


Yes, its iOS DD version 2.60.0. And disabled auto focus switched to DJI Go while ascending and switched back to DD after setting focus but images are still out of focus.

You should be able to set focus before your flight, then set up a DD mission, disable focus, and start the mission.

disabling the DD focus and switch to DJI Go auto focus while ascending seems to work perfect now! but have to plug and unplug the USB cable to regain control between apps…

Hey everyone… I have done a couple of test flights here and it looks my pictures are out of focus. The shutter speed was high enough to avoid motion blur.

I am using DD 2.63 on iOS 11.2.1 on a mavic pro with the latest firmware. In DD I am disabling both manual exposure and manual focus options. If I take the same photo flying only in dji go app, the picture is perfectly focused.

I understood from this topic that I have to set the manual focus option on DD until this bug is fixed by DD developers. But how do I do this? Can I do this without leaving DD app? I don’t know if I set a RC button to focus the image may work without leaving DD app. I will try this soon.

If I have to takeoff first using DJI go app, focus and then set to MF, can I change the drone control to DD without landing again? Do I need to remove and reconnect the RC cable to my iPhone before going to DD app?

Thank you very much for your help!