Picture blury

hello …all my photos are blury, how can i set focus please?
i use a DJI Mavic Pro

Hi @Szilagyi_Septimiu,

To verify, in your Advanced settings for your flight plan, are “Set Exposure Manually in DJI Go” and “Set Focus Manually in DJI Go” toggled on or off?

If you want to focus your photos manually, you’ll need to have these toggled on.

Keep me posted,

that means i need to set Set Exposure Manually in DJI Go on and Set Focus Manually in DJI Go on, than start dji go to set on manualy at altitude i want …bring back the drone …than start dronedeploy an fly ? … There must be a button to focus…for the moment the app is incomplet…why to use 2 apps?

i cannot find any help on this problem …noone can explain to me …i want to buy DroneDeploy Business but if is not working and cannot find any help the app is not good for me

Hi @Szilagyi_Septimiu,

Our product is reliant on DJI’s hardware and SDK. Since our flight planning is automated, you’ll need to use DJI Go’s app to set the focus manually if you want to control the focus yourself.

I suggest taking a look at our Making Successful Maps support doc for more tips and practices to improve your maps.


No need to land the drone after focusing in DJI4Go. Just get the drone to mission altitude, focus and turn off DJI4Go. Start DD and start you mission. The drone will know where it is relative to its RTH point and fly the mission correctly.