Annotations suddenly chrashes

So I have a map that I need to mark alot of places, something like 300-400. In the start it worked as a sharm, but suddenly when making a new location, they where all gone. I then have to refresh the site, but the same will happen on the next location. This is in Chrome. In Edge the site is just unbearable slow and laggy, but it doesnt seem to chrash in the same way.

Is there a data limit with fast data transfer from the server? Or is it something else?

Since this is basically what most of my maps need, I dont think I will pay for this after my trial period (unless it is suddenly fixed).

Adding that many annotations is not currently a common use case that we’ve seen. We are actually working on some improvements which could help with the speed of a site with so many annotations. I’m not sure yet how much it’ll help a map with 300-400 but we’ll test it out.