Planning a flight with GCP's

Would love to be able to mark proposed areas for GCP’s with the annotation or another tool so I could see them in flight and on my map to make sure I have enough coverage for each point.


General rule is 75% overlaps and you want at least two flight lines across each gcp. Three is obviously better. That would be 7-9 images per point vs. 11-13.

Yea, I just mean like before I got out to a site I’d like to be able to mark the approximate location I need to shoot for the GCP. I do that in Google Earth now but would be easier to have all in one place.


I think I get you now. You want to see the annotations as you are flight planning?

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Have you tried converting GCP’s coordinates to Lat Long and exporting as kml file and then upload to
DD. ? I assume you have accurate GCP’s (surveyed).


Note that this will only work if your coordinates are grid and not surface.