Annotations Help?

Is there any way to gain a little more user control over the annotations app feature? When I print it out the annotations are light gray and hard to read and sometimes the labeling gets off. How can I fix/make changes to this?

Also, when using the comparisons feature does it go by previous stockpile label numbers i.e. do I need to label each stockpile the same name and in the same order to have it stay accurate?

My primary use right now is labelling multiple close proximity stockpiles in mulch and gravel facilities, sometimes the placement and type of material can change from week to week.

Thanks for any help!


Hi @JakeB826,

To change the colors of your annotations, take a look at “Changing Annotation Color” in our Annotations support doc.

Can you also clarify which comparisons feature you’re referring to?

Keep me posted,

I meant the actual numbers of the volume measurements in the annotations PDF. They look black on screen but when printed out they are a very light gray that is hard to read. I’d like to take a printed version to show the multiple pile report capability to prospective clients.

The comparison feature is the stockpile analysis in the app market that shows a difference in piles between flights taken on different dates. I did different flights but didn’t number each measurement in the same order as some of the pile locations had changed and the numbers didn’t coincide. Is the priority in numbering them to do each pile in the same order or to simply name each pile the same each time. By order I mean that the app assigns a number in order of measurements, regardless of what you actually label that particular item.

Hi @JakeB826,

As these are issues with the apps within the App Market and not the DroneDeploy app, please reach out to the support teams/developers of these apps by accessing the Support tab within the App Market of the DroneDeploy app.


Is this the tool you are using? PDF Annotation Report…