Annotations - Volume etc not showing up after completing

Hello all,

All my annotations that I have made and currently making on projects have all but disappeared. The volume counts are still there for each pile that I have made but visually I am not able to see them. This just started. Last volume count we did was a month ago and there was no problem.

I’ve using Google Chrome. I have logged out and then back in. Restarted computer.

Not to sure what to do at this point. Has anything been updated that I’ve missed.

Screen shot attached shows 10 annotations and all those piles should be lit up with blue outlines etc but nothing. I’ve tried other projects as well and they are all invisible.

Any help would be great.

Thank you

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Hi @M31DesignGroup,

Thank you for flagging this issue! We were experiencing a bug with our Annotation and Issue reporting tools today. This bug has since been resolved. Please refresh your DroneDeploy account in order to see your Annotations and Issues.

Thank you!


this helpful tip has not resolved my issue.

this has not resolved my issue.

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