Sharing map & annotations

when sharing a map: DroneDeploy

Why aren’t my annotations no longer shared?

What plan are you on? When did this start?

I noticed this issue last week.

None of the annotations on any of the plans seem to be working when shared.


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Anybody have any information?

I think for most of us we know that sharing is a major downfall in drone deploy. It used to show annotations but it would not show pictures or video. Then I am pretty sure I did see the other media at one point but I may have been mistakenly logged in. I will try it in a little while and let you know what I am seeing. I need to find out the versioning on the web app to see if it was upgraded recently and may have caused this. I assume you are talking about sharing primarily on a computer browser? Have you contacted DroneDeploy support directly?

Drone deploy support directs me to this forum for answers…

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Lol but I know it’s not funny. :wink: I just tried it on our account and even though we are on the Enterprise account the view-only link nothing showed up except for the map. @Andrew_Fraser @Anjanette_Hill @Jamespipe

Anybody have an answer yet? I need this fixed please.

I am having the same problem!

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We have a ticket and it is in engineering. I’ll report back as soon as I hear something.