Annotation/Stockpile Report Map Panes Reset

I’ve had this issue for a while, but I usually don’t have to touch reports more than once as I PDF them just as I like them. When I do need to go back into a report all of the map view windows have reset back to full extents instead of keeping the placement and zoom levels as I had set them.

All panes start this way for each material.

I set them like this.

Once I get out and come back to the report everything resets to this. A PITA when you have several types of materials.

Anyone else?

Yeah have the same. Once u got out, its always like a fixed angle u will see, as soon as you open it up again.
Same for me with these annotiations. I really have to click on the box for it, to make them unseen, everytime i swap the 2D to 3D model or change a mode…bit annoying thb :roll_eyes: